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LondonNot far from London—or the River Thames, for that matter—you can find the unparished area known as Windsor. Windsor is most famous as the site of Windsor Castle, where the Royal Family takes many holidays away from the city. But what you might not know is that continue reading


Tourist attractions Raja Ampat has been widely recognized by both domestic and foreign tourists. Not surprisingly, this has always been the ideal place for tourists to visit. Charm is not only lying on the mainland away from the ocean floor to the top of the mountain offers thousands of beauty to be enjoyed. continue reading

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The following posts will share the experience of our vacation to the city’s attractions Palangkaraya Central Kalimantan. Oh yes, if you are a loyal reader of travel compass, in the second week of April 2014 to make the articles more or less content, Palangkaraya not have a leading tourist. continue reading


On this occasion we will review the natural attractions of Ancol Kalibawang Dam in Kulon Progo. Do you often hear attractions Ancol in Jakarta? Do not be surprised if the Ancol in Jakarta is very popular to all corners of the country. continue reading